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Cruise Bargains For the Romantic Couple

Cruise Bargains For the Romantic Couple

Norwegian Cruise Lines (NCL) offer you the most romantic keep at the sea. Picture you and your loved one particular beneath a blanket of stars in the sky even though dancing or basically consider of you and your sweetheart enjoying a scrumptious dinner by beautiful scented candles whilst the sea hums by. What believed could be far more romantic? NCL Bargains a single of the most reasonably priced and romantic Bargains to the married couple. Each of your can enjoy intimate restaurants, snuggled secluded lounges and extravagant Ocean-View Staterooms. You are promised privacy and intimacy. We comprehend how valuable this time is for you. The discreet employees of NCL will constantly be at your service no matter whether it really is morning, noon or evening. A ring of the bell or a basic call will bring them at your door and service. NCL basically desires you to unwind and enjoy your time with your unique one particular.

Bon Voyage and Particular Occasions gifts are provided to all married couples / pasutri who are booked below the romantic cruises category. Champagne and flowers are provided to each couple / pasutri. If you want to capture these moments of absolute marital bliss and contentment then ask us for our expert photography Bargains. We'll take all-natural photographs of you and your loved one particular. Wine and cheese are supplied following dinner. Kick your footwear off, wrap your arm about your loved 1 and enjoy the canopy of stars above your head. This is your time and Norwegian Cruise Lines desires to make positive you bear in mind every single second of it. Passion and memories are offered far more beauty by NCL with its outstanding Deals. The greatest mixture implies Norwegian Cruise Lines packages and your loved a single. Could it get any far better than this?

Wedding packages are also presented to all couples. We want you to celebrate your most crucial day on board with NCL. Every single ship heads off to a discreet and cozy mini-paradise on Earth. You can celebrate your particular occasion in the vibrant city of New York, the glowing Caribbean or Bermuda. NCL will make confident it keeps track of the Huge Day to other particular ceremonies. Almost everything connected to your wedding will be handled for you. Champagne, accommodation, flowers, cake, meals, decoration of the altar, appointment with the priest or whoever you please are arranged by NCL for the sake of your comfort. Norwegian Cruise Lines believes that your wedding need to be a heavenly knowledge, not a terrible hassle. That is why Norwegian Cruise Lines Deals the very best romantic packages. The decision of the location is yours. The rest of the job belongs to NCL

You could go to New York City with Norwegian Cruise Lines and add a spark to your wedding day to make it magical and fairy-tale like. Or if you love the breezy beauty and tropical magic of the Caribbean then NCL will make confident you head off to the spot and say, "I do" more than there. Norwegian Cruise Lines's Wedding Planner Deals fully unforgettable experiences for these who intend on tying the knot. NCL will make certain you do it in style. It does not matter if you intend on generating the vows alone with your particular lover or if the complete family's tagged along, with NCL the selection if yours and yours only. Norwegian Cruise Lines only desires to add a spark of beauty and a touch of magic to your wedding day. The romantic reception packages are definitely irresistible. We're positive that your close friends will don't forget your wedding day as 'magnificent' and 'enchanting'. Our packages consist of wedding coordinator, customized wedding ceremony, wedding officiate, keepsake marriage certificate and other Offers. A bottle of sparkling wine of champagne will add much more magic to the complete occasion.

In addition to the wedding packages, NCL Bargains beautiful honeymoon, anniversary packages as effectively. A deluxe honeymoon and anniversary package are also supplied to the beautiful couple. Spa therapy, massages, music, intimate resorts, romantic get-away spots are obtainable for you and your valuable 1. We want you to enjoy every single minute of your marriage.

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Program Your Romantic Couples Getaway to Niagara Falls, Canada

Program Your Romantic Couples Getaway to Niagara Falls, Canada

No longer your grandmother's fondest-recalled honeymoon location, Niagara Falls Canada has anything modern day and exclusive to offer you to every single visitor, from the savvy single to the travelling couple. Ontario Travel tends to make your subsequent trip practically nothing quick of stunning, with access to travel accommodations and activity arranging and suggestions in one spot.

With so considerably to do on a trip to Niagara Falls Canada, you may possibly not know exactly where to start off.

No matter whether you happen to be taking a romantic getaway weekend, or preparing a honeymoon, there are lots of factors to do on a trip to Niagara Falls! Commit an afternoon wandering by way of Clifton Hill, going to Ripley's Think It Or Not, testing your nerves in the Haunted Home, checking out the Guinness Globe Records museum, or grabbing a bite to consume. Discover the whimsy and beauty of Niagara Falls Canada whilst holding hands on a trip by means of the Butterfly Conservatory, or marvel at the incredible avian population at Bird Kingdom. Finish off your day in Niagara Falls with a couple / pasutri of hours at one of the a number of indoor water parks!

Make New Memories on a Trip to Niagara Falls

You cannot visit with out truly seeing the falls! Hop aboard the Maid of the Mist for an unforgettably close view, or take a Journey Behind The Falls for a various viewpoint. Do not forget to take pictures of yourselves as you happen to be experiencing one of the very best couple's / pasutri getaway places in the Globe. Take an exhilarating helicopter ride to get beautiful aerial views, or get the most exciting version on a higher-speed Whirlpool Jet Boat Tour. The hour long adrenaline rush provides guests the 'wet' or 'dry' choice, just in case you weren't preparing to get soaked! And you have just got to consist of a romantic meal at the Skylon Revolving Dining Space, 775 feet above the falls. Your trip would not be total with no it!

Gourmet restaurants, thrilling nightlife, or nightly shows assure you will not be heading to bed early! Take a tour of Ontario wineries just a couple of minutes away in Niagara-On-The-Lake, or practice your swing on one of over 40 Ontario golf courses in the Room. Indulge in a couples spa therapy and leave your worries behind. Feeling a bit a lot more daring? Take your probabilities at one of two best-notch casinos, or at the Fort Erie Racetrack. Marineland gives guests the likelihood to see marine life with the entertaining of an amusement midway. There genuinely is anything for every person on a trip to Niagara Falls.

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How to Have a Romantic Date

How to Have a Romantic Date

Dating can be so a lot enjoyable; going locations, experiencing cultural events, attempting new activities with your date. Whether or not it leads to a new partnership, is part of a blossoming adore, or is just two individuals enjoying every others' business, dating can be an amazing encounter.

If romantic sparks start to fly, holding hands, walking arm in arm, and cuddling can make you really feel the warm glow of really like starting to brew. A delicate touch or a heartfelt gaze into every other's eyes signals that romance is in the air. These warm feelings, the magic of romance and the great feelings of attraction are clear indications that the date and the partnership are going effectively.

A dinner date is a favourite way for a couple / pasutri to enjoy every other's business and develop lengthy lasting memories with each other. It provides the couple a likelihood to choose collectively exactly where they want to go. They can choose out the sort of meals they are in the mood for, they can make a decision the atmosphere - a quiet candlelit restaurant is a well-known selection for a romantic dinner. Couples commence to establish their favourite areas with excellent meals and great service.

One more awesome romantic date is a possibility for a couple to listen to soft music collectively. Reside jazz, a symphony orchestra, acoustic folk or rock - are all great alternatives when hunting to set a romantic tone.

Romantic feelings can be supported and encouraged when a couple sees a film collectively or when they are strolling and watching the sun set in the western sky. A film can truly set the stage for romance, specially if you make a decision a romantic film. You can share the story, and take pleasure in the accompanying music and the visual appeal typically present in these sorts of motion pictures. A dating couple can frequently really feel like they are in the film, experiencing the very same sorts of romantic enjoy.

Walking in the moonlight can also set a very romantic tone. Even a daytime walk by way of a nature preserve, park or close to a lake or other physique of water, can be quite romantic. A lovely sunset can also produce a great mood for any couple.

These sorts of settings and experiences genuinely do improve the romantic feelings of the date. You might discover yourselves lost in a great heart to heart conversation, sharing stories and intimacies for the initial time. You may possibly even share a 1st kiss.

These experiences for the couple / pasutri produce very special moments that they will usually keep in mind and cherish. These initial milestones are an essential part of the development and deepening of the connection. They get the unforgettable possibility to enjoy every other as their adore blossoms and blooms.

As a couple prepares for a date, they may possibly not have any concept that this will be the evening the romance starts to take flight. It usually magically seems, and however if it is anticipated, the early days of romance are the most fun days that individuals knowledge. The early days of really like develop unforgettable dating experiences.

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Locate a Romantic Couples Massage Retreat

Locate a Romantic Couples Massage Retreat

Are you as well exhausted with the pressures of your day to day life? Want to devote some actual top quality time with your beloved? Then we have the excellent remedy for you. You Require to devote your time in organizing a beautiful outing. You Require to breathe in fresh air and really feel the moments of romance. A retreat involving massage amidst of vineyard for a romantic couple / pasutri is the precise recipe you must be hunting for.

Program this retreat vacation exactly where you shall be offered with a vineyard suit. The sight of the suit must be adequate to rejuvenate you. The shimmering lights and Italian decoration can be a genuine eye treat for you. The detoxification applications in these resorts are exuberant. Soon after a nourishing physique massage for you and your companion, nutritious meals will be supplied which can cater to your ambrosial demands. In the evening, float to the melodious notes struck on the cord. A grand ambiance designed just for you and your dearest.

If your mornings commence with the touch of mildly heated basalt stones, your day is bound to go properly. To relieve pressure and heavy pressure anything named touch dynamics defined in the preceding statement is quite valuable. This is accomplished by certified authorities and this performs like magic on your nervous technique. It triggers the nervous method to perform and really feel at its ideal. This is a beautiful getaway for couples.

Spas at Akron in Manchester are very the favored amongst couples / pasutri for their packages. They give individual interest to every couple. Their age old, time tested techniques of relieving the organ systems of duress are thoughts blowing. The skilled authorities take care of your taste. From nurturing your tired physique to serving you with best wines, they are dexterous in every thing. The solutions supplied by them are endless and flawless at the exact same time.

Whether or not you are seeking for a anxiety relieving massage package for couples or discomfort relieving package, massage retreats at Ohio are fantastic in supplying solutions to all. They are answers to some of the dreadful problems of numerous sclerosis and Parkinson's illness. Such retreats are quite consumer friendly and extremely focused in delivering high quality solutions to their clients.

A catharsis of your thoughts and soul is really essential. These moments rejuvenates you and assists you Locate some time to invest with your companion. Anxiety at perform location and duress at residence are not one thing which you deserve Following your diligent operate. If no one gives you with a likelihood to relive the cherish able moments with your life companion, you have to make your personal sorties to massage retreats in order to answer your contact from inside for a peaceful session of rejuvenation.

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Romantic Dating Concept - Why You Ought to Go Couple Camping

Romantic Dating Concept - Why You Ought to Go Couple Camping

Our initial romantic dating Notion was to go camping in the bush. It was an incredible encounter and we had only been dating for a couple of weeks. It was our very first weekend away, and I was extremely nervous simply because we had booked a camping website for 3 days and two nights! Nevertheless once we arrived, there weren't numerous campers and the mountain air was beautifully crisp, so we were each searching forward to a warm crackling fire. The beautiful environment that pervaded our senses right away got us speaking around our camping experiences as youngsters, and we stayed up all night roasting marshmallows, star gazing, and most importantly, bonding as a new couple.

Back in my single days, my camping experiences were restricted to tourist heavy places. On the couple of occasions I had gone camping, it was only inside a two-hour radius of residence, and I picked up hamburgers for dinner on the way. I also took a soft cooler with water and an apple for breakfast the subsequent day. I felt quite self-conscious as a solo camper, and was sometimes concerned for my security hiking alone on bush tracks.

Even so once one becomes two, camping becomes an thrilling new dynamic and a excellent way to get to know both other although creating your connection. At the end of our 1st camping trip, I nevertheless had butterflies in my stomach, but the nerves were replaced with the excitement of realizing I had met a person I was genuinely comfy with and relaxed about. The principal issue to don't forget is that camping is a group sport!

Couple camping is a predicament exactly where basic gender etiquette goes a extended way. The tasks naturally lend themselves to gender roles that can be utilised to stroke your new loves ego, whilst demonstrating caring and trust.

I advocate supporting your boyfriend by letting him take charge of factors such as:

  • Packing the car
  • Map reading and driving directions
  • Developing and lighting the fire
  • Managing the BBQ

I normally take the lead in:

  • Arranging the groceries and utensils
  • Bedding
  • Selecting the campsite
  • Arranging the days activities

Very good tasks that facilitate teamwork are:

  • Unpacking the car
  • Setting up the tent
  • Gathering firewood
  • Arranging and cooking meals
  • Washing the dishes

Whilst some of the above may possibly look old fashioned, letting your man take charge of normally male activities shows that you trust him. The purpose here is for both individual to have a set of tasks that they uncover enjoyable and difficult. Sharing the tedious ones such as washing up is a excellent possibility to work as a group. Once reading 'Men are from Mars and Ladies are from Venus', I may possibly very determine with its philosophy. Girls want to really feel cherished and men want to really feel required. At the end of the day, after you are toasting marshmallows over the fire, you will be able to congratulate both other on a wonderful day and snuggle off to sleep in the tent with each other.

If you are in a new partnership and seeking for romantic dating suggestions, now is the time to prepare for your subsequent camping trip. You will not regret the couple camping expertise and obtaining in touch with both other and the atmosphere.

Cost-free Romantic Games For Couples

Cost-free Romantic Games For Couples

Have you ever attempted Cost-free romantic games for couples and lovers to spice up your love life? Romantic games are one particular of the ideal and most exciting approaches to add far more romance and passion to your connection. When you search about romantic game concepts for couples, you will uncover so a lot of concepts and tips that it really is effortless to get confused. That is why right here you are going to uncover the ideal sorts of romantic games you can play with your companion. Normally, right here are the 3 most widespread sorts of games couples play...

1. Bedroom Games for Couples

Hunting for inventive techniques to add a lot more entertaining and passion to your bedroom and sex life? Then these bedroom games are the very best option for you. You can discover all sorts of bedroom game concepts, from fantasy games, to naughty and dirty games, to numerous far more suggestions couples can play at evening in the bedroom. Even although this kind of lovers games occur to be the most well-liked variety, but That's not all. There are much more inventive entertaining games you can play with your companion.

2. Couples Query Games

Not only they assist you discover out much more secrets about your companion that you did not know, but you will also have lots of exciting playing it with each other and develop far more intimate to every other. Some of the most frequent couples Query game suggestions are Truth or Dare, Guess a Secret, and a lot more.

3. Cost-free On-line Games for Couples

Would you like to attempt as numerous exciting games for lovers that you can for Cost-free? The excellent news is, you can discover numerous On the web internet sites that let you play or download their romantic games for Cost-free. So you can play a brand new game with your companion each day and in no way ever have a lack of concepts about what to do on an night with each other. Really like!

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Romantic Honeymoon Destinations for Newly Married Couples

Romantic Honeymoon Destinations for Newly Married Couples

The wedding season approaches and with it, brides and grooms commence hunting for special spots exactly where they can get to realize each and every other greater and commit good quality time collectively. It really is your dream honeymoon, and of course, it has to be specific, specific and memorable. Every single newly married couple / pasutri anticipates for a destination exactly where romance, comfort, style and adventure are readily offered. Here is the list of the ideal honeymoon destinations that newly married couples must contemplate:

Loosen up in Fiji

Fiji is blessed with a spectacular quantity of 333 "Fiji Islands" positioned in Melanesia in the South Pacific Ocean. With pristine beaches, turquoise water, white sands, and swaying coconut trees about, it will loosen up your soul to a great extent. Stroll with your companion hand in hand on these mesmerizing beaches, program an exquisite romantic dinner or immerse in the special culture of this spot.

If you are an adventure lover, "dive in" for snorkelling, surfing or kayaking. There are enticing retailers in the malls exactly where you can in fact shop till you drop and there are wonderful restaurants exactly where you can taste the mouth watering delicacies at ease. Furthermore, there are massage parlours to pamper and soothe your physique as nicely as vivacious evening spots to groove with your companion.

General, honeymooning in Fiji is worth contemplating. Undeniably, this destination is ideal for all kind of couples / pasutri - be it enjoyable-seekers, dreamers, naturalists or adventurers.

Snuggle on Hiddensee Island, Germany

Hiddensee, a delightful small isle in the Baltic Sea, Germany, has lately attracted massive numbers of honeymoon vacationers simply because of its scintillating, natural and unspoilt beauty as effectively as meditative tranquillity. You can uncover many charms of this location by biking or seating collectively with your companion on the horseback. This warm and friendly spot is best for couples to snuggle and loosen up.

If you want to remain away from the typical humdrum of life, backpack and pay a visit to this island without having providing it a second believed. Undoubtedly, It really is worth experiencing when in a lifetime!

Enjoy the Gorilla safari in Bwindi Forest National Park, Uganda

Watching the endangered mountain gorillas in the impenetrable Bwindi forest national park, Uganda is an amazing expertise! So, how around taking your companion to these fun gorilla safaris and obtaining a blast? You will not only get familiar with the spectacular and pristine wildlife there but also encounter the culture of the folks. At evening, you can stargaze although sitting about campfires and commit some good quality time with each other. The reputed adventure safaris have been serving many vacationers for many years. This specific and non cliché honeymoon destination will make your vacation in fact memorable.

Get passionate in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

This destination has been rated as quantity one for romantic gateways. It's a location exactly where life, culture, art and meals are blended effectively. If honeymoons are a time for generating memories, then this location will offer a specific knowledge that captures romance and excitement collectively. The tranquil beaches, picturesque sceneries, lovely climate, and warmth of men and women are constantly waiting to welcome you here. For newlywed bliss, this exquisite oasis of natural beauty will give them an knowledge of a lifetime!

So, backpack and pay a visit to this destination when attainable. You will have a gala time with your companion.

Properly, It's your honeymoon as soon as all. Make it unique! Strategy almost everything precisely so that you can keep away from all the last minute hassles. There are many firms providing honeymoon packages developed to suit the requirements of the newly married couples appropriately.

The 10 Most Romantic Couples in History

The 10 Most Romantic Couples in History

Reams have been written about it; it has forged the most uncommon alliances and triumphed more than all odds. Like an elephant on rampage (not a quite romantic simile yet you get the image), it has not bothered to see who lies in its path, and simply fully consumes the persons involved. Yes, we are speaking about this issue named Enjoy. Down the decades, Cupid's arrows have occasionally brought on 2 human beings to be so deeply, passionately and hopelessly in Adore that society and its dictates have merely fallen by the wayside. And we have devoured their immortal Enjoy stories, secretly envying these couples / pasutri who discovered their matching halves or soul mates. And feeling encouraged to locate our own prince or princess.

Here are 10 of the all time most romantic couples / pasutri in mankind's history.

1. Romeo and Juliet. Arguably, the most renowned pair of lovers of all time, this is a single Enjoy story by William Shakespeare that has inspired generation of lovers, and continues to do so until right now. Rome and Juliet are the ultimate synonyms for correct, eternal Adore, and as well of Really like's greatest sacrifice - one particular's own life.

2. Pyramus and Thisbe. Penned by the Roman poet Ovid in his operate 'Metamorphoses', this is a tragic Enjoy story that possibly set the tone for William Shakespeare's 'Romeo and Juliet' many centuries later. In this story, 2 young lovers are subsequent door neighbours however can not meet openly due to the fact of their respective warring households. They utilised to meet secretly and 1 day agreed to have a rendezvous below the mulberry tree. Via a series of unfortunate incidents and colossal misunderstandings, both Pryramus and Thisbe die inside minutes of both other, both killing oneself believing the other to be dead.

3. Cleopatra and Mark Antony. Intriguing, memorable and intensely romantic, this is a Enjoy story whose passionate appeal has not dimmed with time. Not surprisingly, William Shakespeare dramatized the tale of accurate Enjoy in his play. Cleopatra, a breathtakingly gorgeous lady, intelligent and effective, was the final Pharaoh of Egypt although Mark Antony was the Roman basic who had succeeded his slain pal Julius Caesar. The 2 fell in Really like quickly and their union created them a formidable ruling power, placing Egypt in a position of supremacy. As with all Really like stories, their course also never ever ran straight and false news of Cleopatra's death triggered Antony to impale himself on his own sword. The shattered Egyptian Queen followed suit, unable to reside with no her lover.

4. Salim and Anarkali.The Mughals, who ruled India from 1526 until 1858, not only constructed 1 of the greatest monument of Adore there ever was - the Taj Mahal - however too created numerous memorable Really like stories. Amongst them, the most well-known tale has been that of the handsome Prince Salim (the as-however-uncrowned Emperor Jehangir) and the lovely courtesan Anarkali, the court dancer of his father's palace. Their Enjoy story is the stuff of legends - unlikely alliance, insurmountable social barriers and parental opposition. And, the last, heart-breaking end when Anarkali is walled alive even as a jailed Salim appears on helplessly.

5. Tristan and Isolde. Isolde, the daughter of King of Ireland was engaged to be married to King Mark of Cornwall. King Mark sent his nephew Tristan to Ireland to escort his bride-to-be to Cornwall. But, destiny had planned otherwise. Both Tristan and Isolde fell passionately in Enjoy with both other. Yet, Isolde went on to marry King Mark yet by no means stopped loving Tristan. King Mark learnt of this affair and banished Tristan from Cornwall. The heartbroken Tristan went to Brittany exactly where he met Iseult of Brittany. Eventually he marries her yet in no way consummates the union. Ultimately, due to a lie on the part of Iseult, Tristan dies of grief. The shattered Isolde dies quickly soon after.

6. Odysseus and Penelope. This is a Greek Adore story that is marked by unimaginable devotion and sacrifice. Quickly soon after his marriage to Penelope, Odysseus leaves for battle and is separated from her for the subsequent twenty years. However both patiently awaits the other's return. Throughout these lengthy years of being apart, Penelope steadfastly turns down no less than 108 ardent suitors whilst she has small hope of her beloved husband's return. Odysseus, on his part, valiantly spurns the advances of a stunning witch simply so that he could return to his wife and son.

7. Heloise and Abelard. The Really like story that became globe well-known in the early 12th century celebrates the passion among a monk and a nun. Peter Abelard was a philosopher par excellence in Paris, who was commissioned by the canon of Notre Dame, Fulbert, to tutor his niece, Heloise, a significant girl. Abelard and Heloise fell madly in Really like, and a youngster was conceived as a outcome of this secret affair. When the canon stumbled onto their Enjoy affair, Abelard decided to send Heloise to a convent to keep away from the wrath of her uncle. Yet, the uncle was convinced that Abelard was merely amusing himself with his niece and so had him castrated whilst the latter was sleeping. Deprived of his manhood, Abelard became a monk for the rest of his life, yet continued to Really like Heloise. Heartbroken, Heloise became a nun in that very same convent. Yet, the wonderfully touching Adore letters that the 2 exchanged identified their way into print later on and inspired correct lovers all more than.

8. Shah Jehan and Mumtaz Mahal. An additional Mughal Adore story that has endured until this day is the a single in between the Mughal Emperor Shah Jehan and his wife Mumtaz Mahal. Following Mumtaz's death in 1629, the heartbroken emperor resolved to construct a fitting monument for the Really like of his life - the magnificent Taj Mahal, hailed as the greatest monument of Enjoy. It is too Amongst the New Seven Wonders of the Globe. Building on this white marble monument took twenty extended years, employing 20,000 workers and 1,000 elephants. Shah Jehan was overthrown by his own son, Aurangazeb, and imprisoned in the Red Fort of Agra. He spent his extended and lonely years, standing and staring across the Jamuna River at the gleaming white monument of his beloved queen. Eventually, Shah Jehan was buried beside her in the Taj Mahal. Lovers attempt to view the Taj Mahal on a full moon evening - it is an unforgettable sight.

9. Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. This is an outstanding Enjoy story in which an English monarch mourned the death of her husband - the 1 man she loved - for 40 lengthy years. Victoria ascended the throne of England in 1837 and married her initial cousin, Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha in 1840. Deeply devoted to her husband, Victoria was devastated when Albert died in 1861. The grieving Queen shunned all public appearances for 3 years. Even right after she returned to public life, she by no means stopped mourning her beloved husband, and continued to put on black till her death in 1901. It was beneath her rule, the longest in English history, that Britain became a globe power on which "the sun in no way set."

10. Orpheus and Eurydice. In this ancient Greek Adore story, Orpheus fell madly in Adore with and married Eurydice, a stunning nymph. Casting a shadow on this content pair was Aristaeus, the Greek god of the land and agriculture, who too had an eye upon the ethereal Eurydice. 1 day, although attempting to escape the amorous pursuit of Aristaeus, Eurydice inadvertently stumbled straight into a lair of snakes and was bitten fatally on her legs. The distraught Orpheus played and sang mournful songs that Lastly moved the gods and the nymphs to restore his lost Enjoy to him. Yet, as with most Adore stories, this one particular, as well, did not have a pleased ending. And he lost Eurydice for the second time, yet this time for all eternity.

Did you notice? None of the Really like stories quite had a 'satisfied ending'. They all ended with either one particular, or both, lover dying at the end, typically due to some colossal misunderstanding. I wonder if they all had 'lived happily ever following' would we have had felt that exact same sense of poignancy we knowledge now? We will by no means know!